A new paradigm for personal growth

Understand how we create our own reality, using a down to earth method. Scientific research has proven how simple and effective techniques can transform our mental, physical, and emotional health and wellbeing.



Personal Evolution Program is a unique way to work on: personal development, creating happiness in all areas of life, resolving conflicts in relationships, upgrade professional performance, and learn new ways to generate success. This process will help you resolve your deepest issues, let go what doesn’t serve you, and deal with radical change. A guided process with the personal support and professional intervention needed to create the best results. A next level program that offers you the possibility to make a real difference in your self, your life and the world around you.


Learn a new formula for your happiness and success. All coaching, therapy and even spirituality is based on an underlying structure or foundation, the reason why it works. This understanding can be easily learned and used as a template for personal development. The great thing about using a template is that it can be customised to your personal need, allowing you to navigate your own process and finding the answer to important questions like: who am I, where am I, where am I going, what’s my purpose, how do I get there, what are my obstacles, and how to overcome them.

“Basic instructions, effective techniques, personal effort, and professional guidance, can teach you how to use your inner technology, develop yourself and improve your life.”


An integrated approach focused on health and wellbeing of employees, reducing absenteeism, improving employee satisfaction, increasing the work flow, authenticity and quality of service. The business program was included in the Dutch Intervention Database for Healthy and Active Living. In 2013 we participated in a national assessment program based on the quality, effectiveness and preconditions of the intervention. This program was supported by the following organisations: Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports, NISB (Dutch Institute for Sports en Movement), MOVISIE (Knowledge and Consultancy for Global Development). In addition the theoretical foundation of the intervention was examined, in collaboration with TNO (Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).


Immediately after the introduction session I noticed a change in myself. I felt more relaxed, closer to myself and in touch with my environment. The experience gave me positive energy and strength. This inspired to continue the process. I have participated in different types of coaching and therapy before, but it never felt this complete. This experience is truly new for me.



We had amazing group session at my place. With Siridharma in front of us, inspiring us, and guiding us, towards a deeper state of being, towards more light. It was magical having the opportunity to share such high experience with my beloved friends. Some of my friends knew him already, as for the others well .. in search for more…



The personal evolution program has made me aware of how I can deal with stress. I found more peace of mind. I have experienced how to break certain habits and overcome barriers through a combination of relaxation and endurance. In addition I feel more connected with myself and my environment. The exclusive personal guidance I received had exactly the right tone for me, a combination of precise approach, clarity and consideration.




Expert in personal evolution, life coaching, and educating health and wellbeing to private clients and professionals. Leading innovative projects, specialised training programs, and business consultancy since 25 years.

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