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The Personal Evolution Program has become a great success. Over the last few years this new coaching formula reached out to people worldwide, contributing to the lives of many, most likely including yours. In addition to online coaching, Siridharma regularly organizes private retreats and client visits. The team of experts who support the program with professional interventions, and other expertise such as marketing and design, is growing. Siridharma recently launched a new program to train people who want to become a personal evolution coach. A community of is growing. To keep supporting the healing journey, the inner and outer work needed, and realize a vision of the future. The next step is to build the first Personal Evolution Centre, a retreat location, a place where clients can come whenever they feel the need to be inspired, receive the latest updates, and enjoy the best facilities and support, to take their health, well-being, and success, to the next level. To realize this project, we are asking you for your support. Help build the Personal Evolution Legacy. Support the project by making a donation and becoming an ambassador. Invest into a positive future, realize your own potential, and simultaneously help others to receive the possibility to grow, and evolve. Let’s make change possible, together!

The retreat centre will be located in a rural area, surrounded by beautiful nature, with agricultural possibilities. Beautifully decorated and equipped with everything needed to provide the best place to experience the ultimate way of living and the ultimate state of being. The facilities will include a large living space, professional kitchen, workspace, comfortable ensuite bedrooms, fitness, martial arts floor, sauna, cold bath, meditation room, therapy room, outdoor spaces, parking, garage, electric mountain bikes, and more…

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