Personal Evolution Programs


Navigate your own personal evolution.

Foundational online coaching program. Siridharma gives you the layout and structure of the + – 0 Formula, and applies it to your personal situation. You will get more clarity on the issues you are struggling with, how to overcome them, and reach your personal goal. Using exclusive tools that enable you to create a road map for the changes you wish to make in any area of your life. 

After completing the program you will be able to look back and say: “if after all that, I can be here now, Imagine where I am tomorrow!” 

3 months /  20 sessions of 1-2 hours. 

Future Self

Be inspired by a vision of the future.

Follow up program, after completing the Baseline Program. Inspired by your vision of the future, you will set goals, and create a concrete plan of action. This program offers a hands on approach to get yourself together, and get things done. With the clarity and confidence needed to move forward. Integrating the latest science on health and wellbeing.

Be empowered to achieve overall happiness and success: “If today is the result of yesterday, then why not live today, for a better tomorrow!”

3 months /  20 sessions of 1-2 hours. 

Love Life Legacy

Love life, and leave your legacy.

Advanced program, for long term clients. During this program you are stepping into your  new life, and work towards leaving your legacy. Your progress is affecting your relationships, your work, and every other area of your life: your health, your wealth, your wellbeing. You will learn about integrity, on both a personal and professional level, your are in love with life.

Participate in a project that is focussed on living and leaving your legacy. One day you will ask yourself: “Did I love, did I live, Did I matter?”

3 months /  20 sessions of 1-2 hours. 

*Year Program

Where will you be one year from now?

All inclusive program, customised to your need, integrating: all three programs, 2 private retreats, and interventions.  What if you would devote one year to your personal evolution. Where would you be, after one year? What positive influence could this have on your personal development, health, happiness, relationships, success at work.. 

You don’t have to count your sessions, you don’t have to sign up for retreats. All will be taken care off. “Change is needed, change is possible”

12 months / sessions of 1-2 hours / private retreats / interventions.

Special Programs

Business Support

Create your succes formula, startup support, and business development. 

This program is for entrepreneurs and professionals. For people who are in a work transition, want to change careers, face challenges at work, startups and companies. Improve your work situation and learn a new paradigm for creating success. This may include developing business strategies, enhancing leadership skills, improving team dynamics, or identifying opportunities for growth and development. Supported by our marketing and design team who can offer you everything you need to promote your work.  

3 months /  20 sessions of 1-2 hours. 

Couples Coaching

Improve your relationships, marriage and family constellation, or being single.

What is unique about the relationship program, is that it addresses both partners individually, and as a couple. Couple sessions and individual sessions alternate each other. Both partners learn to take responsibility for their own personal evolution, and do the inner and outer work needed to create a firm individual base. Communication improves, negative patters disappear, conflicts resolve, there is mutual understanding, love and respect. Relationship coaching includes all aspects of life, and supports the fusion of two people growing together.

3 months /  20 sessions of 1.5 hours / p.p.

Coach Training

Become a coach based on the personal evolution formula.

Based on the personal evolution coaching Formula + – 0, you will learn a basic structure, that can be used as a template for becoming a coach. Customised in a way that allows you to fully integrate your own personal qualities. You will learn some effective tools and methods that will allow you offer an integrated approach that addresses all areas of life. This training program includes both the Baseline program and the Startup program, so you will go through the coaching process yourself, while simultaneously working on your own professional coaching formula. 

6 months /  40 sessions of 1.5 hours / p.p.

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