Personal Evolution program

Siridharma has found the missing link for a new coaching formula: + – 0. With 30 years of experience in leading people and organisations, he was able to engineer the basic structure for enabling his clients to navigate their own personal and professional evolution. His work focuses on what is needed now, for a better tomorrow. The way he likes to describe it: The future is our new home.

It is Siridharma’s mission to coach people in a way that integrates all areas of life. Siridharma helps you understand how you create your own reality, using an easy to understand, down to earth method. Basic instructions, effective techniques, personal effort, and professional guidance, that can teach you how to use your inner technology, develop yourself, and improve your life.

Intergrated approach.

Learn to navigate your personal growth and alignment, become who you want to be.

Level up your life, focus on life areas that need extra attention.

Improve your relationships, marriage and family constellation. 

Upgrade your work situation, create your success formula, and bring your gift into the world.